Laminado's certified management System Guarantees the Quality and secure supply of its products.

Certified Quality

The high quality, consistency and reliability of our products is supported by a strict Quality Management System certified under  ISO 9001:2008 standards.


In order to guarantee its quality. Each product manufactured in our plant is submitted to testing and control at each stage of the manufacturing process.  Our products have been designed and are  manufactured to obtain the best results in each working application.

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Certified Security

Our control and security management system prevents and controls the risks associated to the security and integrity of our products through our international supply chain to all of our customers. Our system is organized in compliance with the BASC 4-2012 exporter standards and is accordingly certified by the World BASC ORGANIZATION.


Today there are growing concerns about the impacts of global warming and pollution, mainly caused by excess emissions of greenhouse gases. These gases result from almost all of our everyday activities; activities which require energy from fossil fuels.


These gases alter the air around us (atmosphere) and impact the way in which the earth absorbs heat from the sun. These changes are having a dramatic impact on the global climate, mainly by increasing temperatures.  This results in the loss of glaciers (water sources), as well as impacts on natural hazards such as drought, hurricanes, floods, etc.


We take our responsibility to the environment seriously and decided to change the fuel we use to heat our presses and autoclaves.As of June 5, 2007, we no longer use heavy oil and instead utilize natural gas, reducing our impact on the environment.


This change has allowed us to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases significantly: 25% to 30% less carbon dioxide (CO2), more than 80% less carbon monoxide (CO) and virtually zero gas emissions of sulfur oxides (SO) and nitrogen oxides (NO). We would like to acknowledge all those who helped make this possible and to continue our call to take up our responsibility together and collaborate as far as possible to continue with this progress.